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Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

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I can’t do this.

Some of today’s thoughts

  • teachers at a school are like an army and second family it appears
  • a thank you would be nice
  • the neurology receptionist is cute and I know he works mon-fri… should I go speak to him?
  • ever since I was little it was assumed that because I am tall that I was more mature and stronger ( emotionally and physically) than other girls my age. this is one of the most annoying presumptions that has been ongoing since I can remember and I can’t stand it.
  • Baton Rouge has the BEST sweet potato fries +chipoltle mayo
  • holding that baby today made feel something I haven felt in a long time…
  • My one wish would be to be intelligent enough to be a doctor
  • Ed Sheeran is a lyrical genius
  • what am i forgetting to do today

Seeing I was kindly nominated by the lovely loveroots, here not 5 but 6 ( needed the boost today) which actually make me feel pretty and were taken at a time I was happy in the moment (at least the one side of my face ;) )

Let’s see some pictures of your beautiful faces peacelovecasey rstwrtxo  ehkatarina  n-o-t-e-b-o-o-k holocene cremadreams. Post 5 pictures which make you feel great about yourself.

Bedtime finally.

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